Book Chat W/ Muse

March 30, 2011 at 7:08 pm (Second Book)

Here is an entire chat with the Muse. We were going over a scene in the book so I could get his reactions. He did use his musing ability a little but this is more of a reactionary piece. I hope you all enjoy it. 🙂  WARNING: SPOILERS!

Jill: So Kallisto finally convinced Morgan and she goes on her way. Gabriel said she’d find her way to him so she just starts driving and ends up going south into texas.

Muse: Texas!!

Jill: All of a sudden she feels the pull and has to turn she goes through louisianna

Muse: Yes yes

Jill: mississippi, and alabama and feels the pull taking her back to the north

Muse: North?

Jill: she goes through tennessee and into kentucky

Muse: Many a good tthings are there.

Jill: She gets into Louisville and drives through all the tall buildings and feels the need to stop in front of one of the tall buildings.

Muse: O_o

Jill: She goes in and the receptionist is really rude, as she’s looking around she sees all these dudes in suits and she’s like this can’t be the right place all the memories of Gabriel are totally different from this.

Muse: I forsee a helicopter

Jill: The receptionist calls “Mr. Wolfe” and finds that Kallisto is expected

Muse: (GRIN)

Jill: The receptionist tells her to go to the elevator to the top floor. Kallisto asks her which room and the woman rolls her eyes and says the elevator opens right up at his office

Muse: Lol

Jill: Kallisto gets into the elevator and finds that the top floor is the thirteenth floor and she’s like that figures.

Muse: That’s funny!!!

Jill: When the doors open she’s amazed to find that his office is the whole floor.

Muse: Suite

Jill: She sees a desk at the opposite wall from the elevator. The chair is facing the wall of windows and as she’s walking towards it she sees….

Muse: Bum bum bum

Jill: honest to goodness crap kicking boots propped up on the window sil that are black and nice black jeans

Muse: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah

Jill: She thinks she has the wrong Gabriel and says his name as a question. He chuckles and turns slowly.  like a villain

Muse: And? And? And?

Jill: She see first that he’s wearing a suit jacket and tie, with a cowboy hat

Muse: Yes yees! And? And?

Jill: And then he’s stroking a cat on his lap that she immediately recognizes as… Six toes!


Jill: The cat jumps up on the desk and bounds into her arms loving on her and then jumps back on the desk sits down staring and her and then back to Gabriel expectantly.

Muse: That’s good I like that.

Jill: Gabriel gets up and as he’s coming around the desk she notices that he has long hair pulled back in a pony tail

Muse: Singin “I got my game on” like trace atkins

Jill: She stands there shocked for a moment and as he walks up to her she says….

Muse: What took ya?

Jill: You look like J.R. from that old show Dallas my grandmother used to watch.

Muse: Lmao!! That funny

Jill: He laughs and picks her up in that giant bear hug he always does but she is not prepared because she’s so in shock. he finally sits her down when her breath starts coming out in a squeak

Muse: And sixtoes is wonderin what she is doing with his toy.

Jill: There’s some drama as he finds out that the desendence of Ephiny don’t want to take us on anymore because of the heartache. no but that’s funny I may have to put that in He has to get a message to the monks but there aren’t any phones so he opens and windo and waits.

Muse: I was wonderin if you were reading what I was puting on.

Jill: lady flies in and there’s a touching reunion between her and Kallisto of course have to get the reactions

Muse: Naturaly

Jill: Gabriel asks lady to deliver the message but she doesn’t want to go so he says Kallisto will stay with him and they can see each other again so she gets down on the desk and holds her leg out so he can tie the leather strap on and then waits while he writes the note and straps it to her leg

Muse: After that long looking for her I don’t blame her

Jill: Gabriel says they need to get the others and gets up to move to the elevator. Six toes catches him on his way by the desk and jumps up on Gabriels shoulder. Gabriel just keeps walking like it’s normal

Muse: Cause it is

Jill: Kallisto says “He’s a parrot cat. Who knew?”

Muse: And sixtoes sticks out his tounge

Jill: Six toes just looks back at her and Gabriel chuckles. She follows them into the elevator. I might have to put that in and have her look all shocked or something

Muse: Yeah……..

Jill: And that’s where it stops.

Muse: I’m sure there is more dialof that I’m not getting in this verssion huh? Damn I can’t type

Jill: Don’t worry I’ve done some research and found several big ranches and mansions and stuff that I have been looking at for his house. Yeah more dialog I just gave you the main good parts

Muse: Thought so.

Muse: Really tempted to go read it now

Jill: Gabriel gets all angry about them not wanting to take care of the cursed ones and calls them ungrateful retches and all that

Muse: Ooooooooo

Jill: wait til tomorrow you got the highlights that should do you for tonight and hopefully I can add some more tomorrow

Muse: Its rather hard. But for the promise of more added to it I think I can wait. I think Maybe I’ll wait. Gonna have the days last cigarette though.

Jill: I’m gonna copy and paste it to the idea page in drop box so I can remember the convo and the two ideas you posted

Muse: Oh lord. Lol

Jill: yeah thinking about putting this one on the blog

Muse: I saw that one coming. Lol

Jill: It was a good example of our book conversations

Muse: True. True.


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