Second Book Process

December 23, 2010 at 8:50 pm (Uncategorized)

The writing of the second book has been slow and tedious. I having a good attention grabbing start but with the holidays and everything that has been going on in my life I haven’t gotten much more done than that. I know the exact events that need to be there but I can’t seem to get the details in between. It seems I need another visit with my Muse. 🙂 Hopefully after that the writing will go a little quicker than it has been. It may have to be after the holidays though because both of us, me and my Muse, are very busy this holiday season. It’s hard on the Muse when he is also very busy with life, work, friends, family, and being a Muse to others. We joke that he is Iron Man without all the gadgets. 😉 Poor Muse. Life is not easy for a real life super hero. That’s why he is such a good inspiration for my character, Gabriel.  Hopefully after the holidays I will have more news to report on the second book. Til then, Fare Thee Well.


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