Book Two Start

November 27, 2010 at 9:02 pm (Second Book)

I decided that while I wait I would start on my second book. I got a pretty good start on it last night and plan to write a little every night. Hopefully by the time my first book gets to selling pretty good I will get my second book finished and published. It seems that my first book is going to be sold online mostly, but I will make it to where it is out there locally. I already have a deal with the local hasting to put my first book on the shelves on consignment so it will at least be sold there. I’m not sure if I can get it placed anywhere else but we shall see.

To continue about my second book. I started it with a dream much like I did with the first book, but it is a different kind of dream rather than memories of the past. It is more of a haunting of the soul for sins done in the past. There is no one around for the main character Kallisto so she is alone in the beginning, even her twin is gone this time. There will be more twists to this story including the fact that the characters will have many memories to begin with instead of having to learn them all over again.

Vampires will also become a part of the story with the werewolves and we will meet the Amazon tribe that Ramina came from, which is also the tribe that includes the character Shappa Reya from the first book. She’s older, she’s wiser and now she’s the Queen. It will all be very exciting. I seem to have forgotten how much happier I am when I write. I was waiting for the first book to get published and doing things for school so I hadn’t had time to write, but last night I had the itch and started writing. I was smiling the whole time. I love to write more than almost anything. So I will be working vigorously on that and I will be posting new developments in the writing process plus I will be sure to let everyone know as more news comes about my first publishing exploit.


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