Publish Talk 2

November 3, 2010 at 3:04 pm (Uncategorized)

My materials are all at the publisher now and my book has been placed on the production line. They have chosen the new title for my book and it will now be called ‘Celtic Rose’ and I also found that the only way my book will be published in a few weeks was if I paid for it to be pushed to the front of the line, which I can’t afford so… There are apparently some books ahead of mine and I will have to wait for it to be published but that is just fine at least it’s getting published. The first step is the text line which will transform my manuscript into book style and then it will go to the cover department so that the artist can create a cover for my book. Soon after that it will be printed and made into a book. I can’t wait! But I am going to have to because I didn’t have the $199 to push it to the front of the line. It’s all good though I’m not worried. I was told that I should be receiving an email from the designer before too long.

They told me that the average wait time for a book to be published is over a year, but that their company does it in several months, 6 to 9 months to be exact, and that is a worst case scenario. They have everything for my book right now and as long as I respond to their emails promptly and there are no hang-ups on my end then it shouldn’t even take that long. I don’t plan to hold them up in any way so I expect that my book will be published and ready for the market in a few months, depending on how many books are on the line in front of mine and depending on whether or not other people pay to have theirs pushed to the front of the line. Still I’m not worried and it will be great! 😀


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