Publishing Outlook 4

October 21, 2010 at 9:11 pm (Uncategorized)

After much consideration and going back and forth, I have decided to take the contract. I had submitted three more inquiries to different publishers and received two denials, and no answer from the last. I believe that this is the way that the Lord wants me to go so I have accepted the contract and am awaiting the actual contract to sign. I have spoken to a book store close to where I live and they told me that all I would have to do if they wouldn’t get books from the publisher is get ten or fifteen books myself and bring them to them and they would put them on the shelves on consignment, meaning that they will sell them and I will go back every thirty days to pick up any money earned. I have also inquired to the local media about a press release for my book and they have told me all that I need to do for this. It won’t be hard, but it will be time consuming. I have a plan as to the marketing of my book so even if the publisher does nothing for me in the case of marketing I will still get my book out there at least part of the way. Who knows maybe after I have been published I will be able to find something more substantial money wise for my second book. As the friend of a friend told me, ‘this is just a stepping stone for a first time author’ and I will be looking for that next step later on.

I hope this was informative for any other authors who might be trying to find a publisher themselves. Sometimes you just have to take what you can get and then move up the ladder later on.


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